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two days, two beaches

Yesterday in the late afternoon Dadda spontaneously decided to take us all to Cornwallis Beach. Only we ended up at Laingholm, because it was closer and it was nearly dinnertime.

The find of the day was crabs. CRABS CRABS CRABS. Big crabs, little crabs and middle-sized crabs. We knocked one rock and half a dozen scuttled away to a safer place. So we overturned a whole lot more rocks and there were crabs EVERYWHERE. None of us had even seen so many. Most of them were dark black and a few had a blue-ish tint.

J11 said, “If only we’d brought the camera, we could have taken a photo for the blog.”

Today we went out to Karekare for a couple of hours. Apart from the usual running around and digging, we made an interesting discovery. The bushes on the dunes are in flower – bright yellow flowers. And they also have seed pods that look just like peas. We didn’t really pay too much attention to the shape of the leaves or the arrangement of the flowers, but we’re going to try to find out what they are.


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