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GIANT Dragonfly

As we were finishing dinner outside we saw a BIG Dragonfly. As I (J12) raced to get the camera after he landed on the wall, mum got Andrew Crowe’s Which New Zealand Insect? . This is what he said:

Bush Giant Dragonfly/Kapokapowai
The male has broad claspers at back. Seen early summer to autumn, near the edge of   native forest. With a wingspan often reaching 13cm & a body length 79-86 mm, this is New Zealand’s largest Dragonfly. Clattering flight. Large eyes, far apart. It can eat 20 house flies in one hour and has been seen catching insects as large as cicadas. Yet the adults themselves are often eaten by rats, wild cats, kingfishers, and even wasps. The Maori name has been used for all large dragonflies and means “water snatcher”.  *Our* one was easily as big as they are supposed to get. It landed on K9 and gave her a bit of a fright, but took off before she had time to get too worried about it!      


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