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still swollen

It’s not much better, is it?
I suggested I might not be able to help fold the washing this morning.
But I can still play cricket.


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The Butterfly Emerges

Last night a saw this butterfly coming out of his chrysalis. Unfortunately his wings hardened before he (or she) could straighten them. I do not think he will survive. 

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awe and ow

K10‘s big toe just got bigger.

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metamorphosis miracle

This morning I saw that overnight one of the chrysalises that we had hopefully saved had hatched open. T3 was not as keen to have the butterfly on her hand as M5 was.

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famine on the way

On our seven swan plants I counted at least 70 caterpillars, one of which is making his chrysalis. In his book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, Eric Carl suggests caterpillars stay inside their cocoon (as he calls it) for “more than two weeks”, but we have noticed our monarchs stay in for only four to eight days. I’m not sure how many are going to survive, because there may not be enough food for the huge number of crawlies.   

When we weeded the garden we found two chrysalises lying on the path, so we tied them to some string hoping that they will survive (and that we will see them hatch open). K9 found the middle already staring to make its chrysalis one on a leaf which was on the ground. The chrysalis has finished  

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potato patch

This morning we weeded the garden and pulled up the potatoes all 12 kilos of them. That is a LOT of potatoes.

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